Whatsapp Update – Latest Whatsapp for Android Version | Whatsapp 2018


There are a number of social media platforms for internet users to enjoy and use presently. Most of them are saddled with the idea of delivery standard performance. They actually update the Whatsapp app or website to serve their users better. Just like the Whatsapp update service, they often perform a review on the Whatsapp app. The update comes with new features and upgrades its functions and ability. Most users don’t always know when there is an update on the Whatsapp. But one interesting thing about this update is that whenever an update is released whatsapp normally finds a notification message to its users.

Whatsapp Update - Latest  Whatsapp for Android Version | Whatsapp 2018

Whatsapp update is actually an annual process. That is to say it not done all the time and basically, its update comes with a better performance. This process is majorly performed on Whatsapp app. That is to say, users using the app are the only one to perform the update process. Also, the Whatsapp update can be accessed in so many devices like smartphones, tablets and so on. Therefore whatsapp has made it easy and very simple for its users to access the update service. For users who recently downloaded the Whatsapp app. They are certainly running on latest Whatsapp for android version on their device. But for old users who want the latest Whatsapp version should follow the process below.

How to Access Whatsapp Update to the Latest Whatsapp New Version

For any user to access the update process, in other to start using the latest version on their device. The user needs to follow this few processes.

  1. First of all the user, most have an internet connection on their device to carry out the process successfully.
  2. Open the whatsapp app on your device and hit the options caption.
  3. After hitting the options caption the user should then open the setting page on the Whatsapp app.
  4. The user should then click on the (About) caption seen on the settings page.
  5. Click on the option caption on the About page.
  6. A check for Update caption is seen on the page. Hit the check for Update caption to check for latest whatsapp version and follow the procedures promptly.

When the user clicks on the check for update caption, it will load up the latest updated version. But if the user is already running on the latest version, it will show an up-to-date notification. Therefore users should always check for the latest Whatsapp updated version. Although whatsapp normally sends an update message whenever any is available.

Whatsapp New version Whatsapp 2018 – Whatsapp 2017

The Whatsapp new version is the 2018 updated version. It is almost as same as the previous version Whatsapp 2017. But the latest version comes with some new features. These features are designed for Whatsapp users to have a profaned experience while using them. Here are some of the features on the 2018 version below.

  • Free messaging Text
  • Group chatting
  • Whatsapp on web and desktop
  • Voice and video calls
  • Photos and video share
  • End to end encryption
  • Easy document sharing
  • Record and send a voice message

Finally, these features are actually free to use for all Whatsapp users. Provided the user has updated his or her Whatsapp app to the 2018 latest version.


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