Wepay – Intergrated Payment Services | Online Payment

Wepay is one of the online payments service provider platforms. Basically, this payment service is based in the United State of America. The wepay payment service platform has an integrated and self-design payment solution. Therefore it uses the APIs business platform such as

Wepay - Intergrated Payment Services | Online Payment
  • Microbusiness Software Company
  • Crowdfunding sites
  • Marketplace

Furthermore, this payment service platform offers its partners with a high risk and fraud protection. This is to say customers or user on the platform is very safe while making wepay payment service platform from your comfort zone.

Basically, you don’t need to run to any payment office before you can make your transactions. Therefore, this is what I always refer to as a high class of online payment technology. This can only carry out this payment process online. Therefore an internet device is necessary to access any payment process. The company is a standard of building blocks for a payment business.

Product of the Wepay Payment Services

There are some products this payment service offers which are for the benefit of their customer or users. However, you can see these product services  below.

  • Fast and Easy Integrated Payment

The company provide merchant with a complete payment solution with the wepay API. Also, all payments secure and also manage refundsare protected. This is very certain either online or payment in person and as well as any customize payment method.

The service supports multiple payment methods suchas credit, debit ACH and chase Pay. Furthermore, it gives your merchant controlwith options on daily, weekly, monthly payouts.

  • Instant and Secure Merchant Onboarding

This gives your merchant the access to start accepting payments quickly with one or more emails address. However, after that, you can then customize you details when you know your customers to aid a smooth sign up process.

  • Customize Integrations

Wepay team works closely with you to manage and explore more options. Also, an optimization process for your merchant experience you desire. Therefore this decisions ranges from branding chase brand, a white label standard. Furthermore, there is still a risk management scheme and merchant support is which you can manage.

  • A 100% Coverage for Payment-related risk

The company offers 100% of your fraud loss and charge backprone exposure. They also help your company in achieving PCI, KYC and OFAC complianceby securing your customer payment and information.

Other Products of WePay Payment Services

  • Premier Partner Support

Therefore with this feature, you can improve your support team with the much-preferred tools to manage all payments. They also, offer a full team support and also a 24/7 support escalations. Team member training and a direct merchant support if need be.

  • Point of Sales Solution to Capture more Revenue

You can quickly build your point of business sale with SDK and also with your mobile card readers. However, this does not really matter the platform you operate the platform tablet or smartphone solutions can assist your user achieve in person payments.

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