Tidal Music – Music Streaming | Hifi Songs | Tidal Subscriptions

Tidal music is a websites that is power jam with various kinds of songs and music genre for its users. The good news about the service is that ‘Your Music’ feature that we all know in Spotify is well a part of the Tidal music service right from day one. It works in exactly the same way Spotify’s music website platform works.

Tidal Music - Music Streaming | Hifi Songs | Tidal Subscriptions

Therefore this allows you to go through all your favorite bands and ‘star’. Furthermore, album you would like to add to your own personal tidal music library. Once you had done all of this, they will be all waiting for you in your ‘My Music’ area in the website.

It’s the digital identical of a CD collection. Therefore only discs are kept in the cloud storage. Instead of racks on your wall, this is a better way of music storage. Remember users to always star the bands themselves at the same time. This is because unlike Spotify, Tidal won’t add the tracks from those albums to ‘My Tracks’ automatically. And the artist isn’t added automatically to ‘My Artists’ either.

Sound Quality of Tidal Music – Tidal App

Like you would expect from a FLAC service, sound quality is vey much better than Spotify and other music streaming services. Hi-fi enthusiasts don’t need to be confused about the benefits of FLAC over MP3 or OGG.

But certainly, you will only get the very best out of Tidal app. certainly if you have some satisfactory audio gear and a willing pair of ears. This could be a perfect excuse to buy the pair of headphones you’ve been looking for.

When a user plugs a seperate DAC and a headphone with Tilda it sounds great. Also, when you pluge a pair of Oppo PM-1 headphones you will be sure of getting a profand sound quality. Tidal music really sounds very  incredible.

Tidal Subscription – Tidal Music

The Tidal music website has a subscription plan for its users to subscribe on. These subscriptions plans are of different plans and are very affordable to its users.

Premium: This is for a month subscription with a high quality standard sound. Also it comes with a high definition music video standard and the cost plan is $9.99 USD. The user still gets a pure curated editorial.

The family premium: The family premium can cover a total number of 5 persons on a $14.99 USD. Furthermore it also, comes it a high quality standard sound and high definition video standard as well. Therefore there is still the purely expert curated editorial as well for a month.

HIFI: On this plan you get a lossless high fidelity sound quality and the other normal services that come on the other plans for a $19.99 USD monthly subscription.

Family Hifi: This is a $29.99 USD monthly plan with 5 additional family members and the major account holder. It comes with all the major services that come with other plans.

Student Hifi: For $9.99 USD this plan is up and running and confirm eligibility, for a month but after every 12 months you will need to recertify.

Student Premium: $4.99 USD on this plan you can confirm eligibility, and also it’s a total monthly plan package.

Military Premium: With a $5.99 USD you can confirm eligibility and it’s a monthly plan as well.

Military Hifi: Most confirm eligibility and it’s a monthly plan of $11.99 USD.

Finally, for the Premium, the family premium, Hifi and family hifi plan, Prices may vary depending on the geographical location and local currency. Then for the student premium, student hifi, military Hifi and military premium not available in all geographies.

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