The League – Free the League Dating Site | The League Dating App

The league is a free social platform and also a dating mobile app. Furthermore, the platform started in the year 2015, precisely on 17 January.  Also, it is available for use in various cities in the United States of America. Therefore, the league app is available for Android and iOS users.

The League - Free the League Dating Site | The League Dating App
The League – Free the League Dating Site | The League Dating App

Particularly, the platform is directly for professionals and it is a member-only swiping platform. Also, users can accept matches form LinkedIn and Facebook profiles as well.  Therefore, the platform holds a lot of stuff for its users to explore and also finding a date is one of them.

The founder of this platform and also the CEO is Amanda Bradford. Particularly, he works so hard to develop the platform to the standard of where it is today.  Furthermore, the idea of this app came to her when she grows frustrated with the dating application she was using. Therefore, this prompts her to craft out her own dating platform, which was great.

Features of The League Dating App

  • No Voyeurs: This ensures that your profile will only display to those people or members on the app that meet your preference.
  • No Dating Games: Therefore, you can swipe right to accept a match, but at your own choices. Also, a match can only last for at least 21 days.
  • No Randoms: There is an advance screening process that enables you to keep your community in a well standard pattern. Also, it will only bring high-quality matches so that when you swipe to match you actually mean it.
  • No Noise: Particularly, here it sets an ultra-specific preference. Therefore, this will only be for proposing users who fit all of them.
  • No Shame: Basically, the platform requires a user’s Facebook and LinkedIn in other to protect your privacy. Furthermore, this will block you from coworkers, business partners and as well as Facebook friends to see your profile.
  • No Fakes: On the League, you will never have to worry if a user is true or fake. The platform does the research for you through their social media, so you will only see their bio upfront.


Operations of the App – The League Sign up Process

Particularly, users can use their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles on the platform and select their preferences to suit matches. The only criteria are

  • Gender
  • Height
  • Distance
  • Age
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity

Users that want to sign up or apply for this dating platform can click on this link >>>>>

The platform assigns a representative who can answer any question relating to the app as with Tinder. Therefore to indicate interest for a potential match you just need to swipe right. Also, to bypass a match you can swipe left this will remove an indicting match.

The League will only show to its user’s five potential matches in a day. However, this is a very good standard as it will not shock up your profile dashboard with a lot of matches. Also, the app upgrade now allows members to organize events and as well create groups too.

Furthermore, each member on the platform gets a ticket to bring in a friend on the platform. Therefore this process will allow the friend to bypass the application sign up process. However, without having a ticket a potential user can also sign up for the waiting list access.

The Selection Process on the Platform

Therefore, the League will scan through an applicant LinkedIn and Facebook account profiles to make analysis on

  • Professions
  • Degrees
  • Alma maters
  • Industries
  • Neighborhood
  • Social Influence
  • Age

Also, diversity in your application is considerable. The platform only allows application of applicant that are age 28 and below. More so, in 2016 they change the age limit which now sees the ages up 40 adding up on the platform. Furthermore, the league accepts up to 10-20% of users approximately who are accessing the sign-up process.


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