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Temple Run is a game that has a running character, and a monster chasing the running character. The character runs as fast as they can to avoid the chaser monster catching up on him.

Temple Run - Latest Version Download | Google Play Store

The character gets a scoring point and also picks up coins while running. If you are a first-time player, there are always directives and Steps for the player. This makes the new gamer understands the game better.

Achieving Temple Run Game Standard

When a player is on the run and the monster is chasing him, you need to be collecting the golden coins and other abilities. This helps you to run faster and also to shield yourself from the monster.

Furthermore, you can also get a magnet on the way which helps you collect coins without going close to it. Also, to buy items you need in the game like different character and more, you need to collect a specific amount of coins.

How you can Download Temple Run on your Mobile Phones (Android and iPhone)

A gamer can download the game on their Android devices by going through your Google Play store.

  • First, you open your Play store on your Android device.
  • Then you search for the game and it will bring out different parts of Temple Run like Temple Run 1, 2 and OZ.
  • Click on the one you want to download.
  • Then you will see where it is written ‘’Download’’ by the side Click on it.
  • After completing the download process, then install the game on your device. After installing this game. Then you are set to play and have fun.

At the beginning of the game when playing the game if you are a First Timer, you get steps and directions on how to play which makes it easier for you.

Temple Run iPhone Download

How to download this game on your iPhone is the same steps with Android. Just that your iPhone Device uses ‘’App Store’’ and the installation may take a little time. Sometimes it depends on your Mobile Networks. It is an adventure game with lots of graphical designs on it and several characters with so many items.

In the game, there is a Chase box where players can get prizes after failing. It only shows when you beat the High Score. You can also play this particular game Online with your friends. And also find friends online to battling against who will lead the Scoreboard.

Temple Run Versions

There are different Kinds of versions for Temple Run in Mobile Devices (Android and iPhone). You can download the game on your Android phone (Play Store) and iPhone Devices (App Store). The versions of the games are Temple Run 1, Temple Run 2 and also Temple Run OZ.

This game has a lot of versions and you can search t download Temple run latest version of games on the Google play store or the App store. Also, you can check other games website like gametop.com and Microsoft games platform for mobile and PC games when you click Here>>>>>

Some Other Versions of the Game

  1. Temple Run 1: This version was the first generation version of this game. With the Basic Fixtures for the Game Broad. Therefore there are items Like, Abilities to upgrade your race or to buy Incomes COINS. Therefore there are other version upgrades for mobile devices for the game. Certainly there various mobile versions gamers can find.
  2. Temple Run 2: This is the Second Generation of this game. Microsoft producers and publisher of this version. Billions of People play this game every single day to enjoy the world of fun while relaxing.
  3. Temple Run OZ: This was also the Third generation of this game in a Different and special version for this particular game. Microsoft is still the developer of this version as well. And also, the characters changes and also the items.

Download Free PC Games

Here are some free PC games which you can download to your PC an play when you are bored or free and want to have some fun on screen.

  • World of Tanks.
  • Goodgame Big Farm.
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  • Totem Tribe 2.
  • World of Warships.
  • Empire.
  • Jewel Match Royale 2: Rise of the King.
  • Dress Up Rush
  • Totem Tribe 2
  • Clutter
  • Macabre Ring
  • Hard Ride 2
  • Adam Wolfe
  • Age of Heroes
  • Raid Shadow Legends. More so, you will see many others games for you to choose from on the website.

Note: All this games are picked from different games genre like Action, Puzzle, Building & Farm, Hidden Objects, Racing, Match 3, Cards and Boards etc.

Therefore, you can download all this games for free if you visit www.gametop.com and explore their world of amazing games.

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