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Taxify now know as bolt is an international transportation network company from in Tallinn, Estonia. As of March 2017, Taxify operates over 18 countries and 25 cities in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Mexico. Taxify is a company that builds a smartphone app called the taxify app. Which connects riders with local taxis and private drivers all around the world.

Taxify App - Download, Get Smooth & Safe Ride |


Taxify is one of the easiest and safest ways to get a taxi. Download the mobile application and get picked up at just the push of a button. Furthermore, The taxify app can function and run on these device operating systems:

  • For Android
  • iOS
  • For Windows Phone

Just like some other mobile taxi apps like the Uber app, Smartcab, Lyft, Curb etc. they also have same like functionality but different standards. Mind you on this article, when you hear Bolt also know that i am referring to Taxify as well. This is because Taxify has been restructured and redefine as Bolt company.

How Bolt works

The company controls the mobile transport app. The bolt app or taxify app enables people to request a ride to pick them up via their smartphones. Taxify app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Riders must download Taxify app on their smartphone from Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Store. The rider needs to choose a payment method:

  • Cash.
  • Credit card.
  • Mobile carrier billing.

Before he or she can start to use the app services. Once the rider has confirmed any pick-up location, which is the passenger request, the rider can then see the driver’s name and car details. After completing a ride both the rider and driver can rate each other. Taxify uses this feedback to keep the quality of their service high. 

Taxify App - Drive with Bolt | Ride with Bolt | Download Bolt App
Taxify App – Drive with Bolt | Ride with Bolt | Download Bolt App

Download Bolt App – Register for Taxify

To download the Bolt or Taxify Driver application, you can do it now simply on Google Play Store or Apple Store. The app can run or work in all smartphone devices. The only thing the user requires is a working internet connection.

Requirements for Bolt – Taxify

To use the taxify app as a driver, you need to put some items in place to have a smooth ride. These items will aid your services to standard form.

  1. Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.1 and above then iOS 8.0 and above on the iPhone
  2. Mobile Internet (3G) but a high-speed internet connection is preferred.
  3. A car charger, otherwise the battery will run out in 5-6 hours.
  4. Confirmed Taxify Driver account.

How to Become a Bolt Driver – Taxify Registration

There are some requirements a driver will need to possess or consider before they can start driving for the taxify platform.

  1. The first and most important thing is the driver’s licenses.
  2. Tested driver experience test.
  3. The vehicle registration.
  4. Vehicle insurance.
  5. Then vehicle requirements like the fire extinguisher, spare tire etc.
  6. A police report of clean criminal record.

Therefore, a driver must meet these requirements in order to drive for the platform. Also, the driver age range is still one important factor as well. Bolt has an age range they use in registering drivers on the platform.

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