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Subway Surfers is a game developed by and Sybo. It is one of the free endless running games you can download. There are three subway train tracks which run parallel, and trains are constantly moving on them. There are a total of 10 different characters from which you can choose to play the game. After the player has unlocked them, but the main character is Jake. As soon as you click on ‘play’, Jake starts running, slowly initially, and faster as he covers more distance.

Subway Surfers - Download Free Subway Surfers App | Google Play

You can begin to control Jake by swiping the screen either left/right or up/down, the player should avoid obstacles like

  • Parked/moving train wagons.
  • Wooden barricades.
  • Walls
  • Tunnels
  • Light poles, etc.

Players must try to avoid crashing into any of these things while picking up coins that appear on train tracks. Also, moving/parked trains and others items that are suspending in the air as you run. Coins a player collects while playing the game can be used to purchase different power-ups items like;

  • Jet pack
  • Super sneakers
  • Coin magnet,
  • Multiplier (x2/x5) etc.

Also, they can still purchase boosts like; hover board, mystery box, head start, jumping boots, etc., from the Shop. However, players can collect these bonuses and boost items randomly while playing the game. This is the first game to reach one million downloads and can work in PC and mobile devices.

More Details of Subway Surfers App Power-ups

  1. The Hover board is like a lifesaver, as it makes you invisible to the policeman and his dog, and keeps you going, after hitting an obstacle.
  2. Jet packs lets Jake fly in the air, collecting coins and bonuses which are suspending in the air.
  3. The Coin Magnet helps Jake attract and collect all coins in his vicinity till its lifespan expires and disappears off Jake hand.
  4. Multiplier x2/x5 it multiplies your runtime score by 2/5 for a few seconds, and then stops working until the player collects another one. It is more effective when collects a coin magnet and it is very useful when the mission says to earn a certain score in one run.
  5. Super sneakers This let Jake to jump really high, such that he can jump on a train from ground level. Then also, avoiding being hit by a train, especially when he is facing a moving train.
  6. Head start gives Jake a steady run from the beginning, making him untouchable by the policeman and his dog while accumulating scores; with the head start, players don’t have to control Jake’s movement, as he wouldn’t respond to the controls until the head start’s lifespan ends. Mystery boxes contain different items and are randomly collected as you run.
  7. Mystery box a player can collect a mystery box while playing the game or use coins that he or she earn in purchasing it in the shop. The mystery box holds lots of different items the player needs to play and overcome obstacles while playing the game.
Subway Surfers - New Subway Surfers Game Download | Android & iOS Game
Subway Surfers – New Subway Surfers Game Download | Android & iOS Game

Missions and Daily Challenges

A daily challenge involves the collection of spellings of different words that the player will see in the game. The player has to pick up all the letters as you run to complete a daily challenge. If you are unable to completely collect all the letters in one run, you can always do it again in subsequent runs.

  • To view your mission, click on pause when playing the game. Three sets of assignments make up a mission.
  • It might require you not collecting any coin for a certain period.
  • The player can score up to 100,000 points in one run or make use of 5 power-ups to boost runs.
  • A player can buy their way out to complete a mission. Every mission has a price tag which is an alternative for the player if they cannot achieve the set goal. The player can pay with the money they earn while playing the game.

It is a game based on multipliers. The more missions you complete the higher your multiplier. So as you start off with the game you notice that your score is low compared to that of your friends. But as you complete missions the multiplier increases by 1 each time to increase your score.


This works better more in touchscreen gadgets. The controls help players to navigate their way while running on the rail tracks.

  • Control Jake by swiping left/right to switch lanes.
  • By swiping the screen up, makes Jake jump over any obstacles. The player can use this to jump over bars and avoid hitting obstacles.
  • While a downward swipe will make Jake tumble roll under obstacles/barriers.
  • A double tap will activate the hover board.

Bottom Line

Subway surfers is a very beautiful and addictive game. Its characters are cartoon-like and very colorful. Also, it has a sound effect that is quite cool and players can simply turn it off if they want.

Latest Version – Subway Surfers Game Download 

To download free subway surfers app click on this link Google play store. If the user is using an android device then they can simply click on their App store to search for the game to download. Furthermore, other mobile phone users like the windows phone users can still download and enjoy the game as well.

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