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Soundcloud is a music streaming platform that enables its users to stream and listens to their favorite songs and any type of song online. This music platform is fully designed to meet the needs of music lovers all over the world. There are a lot of features users can find while using the music platform as well. Furthermore, Soundcloud is an online audio platform where users can download and as well upload songs.

Soundcloud - Stream, Listen to Music | Soundcloud App | App Store

Berlin, in Germany, is the base center of this music platform. The platform also empowers its users with the ability to share and as well promote their favorite songs with other users. Soundcloud is one of the world biggest music streaming website and still growing. The platform has over 155million tracks and still counting.

Soundcloud is a free music platform and very easy to use. Its user-friendly nature is a very unique feature of the platform. Therefore novice on the music platform can navigate their way through various fields and genre of the music website. The platform has connections with other various music streaming and downloading websites on the internet. Also, users still have the ability to make comments as well.

“On Soundcloud” – Monetization and Subscription Services

Soundcloud announces a new program on August 2014 which is the (On SoundCloud). This allows its premier users to monetize their contents. Furthermore, premier users can achieve the monetization process through the use of

  1. Pre-roll audio Ads.
  2. Mobile sponsorship.
  3. Channel display Ads.
  4. Native content.

This is a very good one for premier users because they can use this feature to generate passive income for themselves.

Some Features of Soundcloud

  • Music Streaming: Users can stream whatever music they wish to stream regards of their location. The only thing the user needs is an internet connection network.
  • The Search bar: There is a search bar that users can use to search for their favorite songs and artist. This feature makes it easy for a user to find whatever they want on the platform.
  • Easy Track Download: One can easily download any track of their choice on the platform. Therefore this can be done without going through the SoundCloud logging in process.
  • Adding of New Set: On this feature, users can create a new set from a starting point with ease. Then they can upload new contents from there directly or make use of already uploaded ones.
  • Radio Feature: The radio feature is one amazing feature that the SoundCloud music platform has done recently. Users can do so more with this particular feature.

Soundcloud App – Google Play Store | App Store

There is a music app that the platform has; this is to make its accessibility easy and to draw users closer to their world of favorite music. Also, the SoundCloud app helps users access the music platform easily.

Therefore users can download the app from the App Store or the Google play store. Also, the can work in any smartphone device and as well as a system device. This is to say users can download the app on their mobile phone.

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