Sony PlayStation 5 – The PlayStation 5 Cost and PS5 Price in India and USA

Recently,  Sony is at the verge of launching the Sony PlayStation 5 in India on February. However,  indicating changes to the supply chain network. Just like we all know the covid -19 that had seriously disrupted the sales of the item last year. Whereby twinkling the ps5 launch date further the line.

Sony PlayStation 5 -  The PlayStation 5 Cost and PS5 Price in India and USA
Sony PlayStation 5 – The PlayStation 5 Cost and PS5 Price in India and USA

Therefore, the Japanese company said that they will begin receiving pre-order requests for a new gaming console in India. This is the PlayStation 5 the second-largest internet market in the world, on January. Therefore, the console will be available for pre-order from a range of retailers by then. This is includes retailers like

  1. Amazon India
  2. Flipkart
  3. Croma
  4. Reliance Digital
  5. Games the Store
  6. Sony Center
  7. Vijay Sales

PlayStation 5 Price in India

Furthermore, the Sony PlayStation 5 cost is at 49,990 Indian Rupees which is about ($685) in USA.  More so, the digital version of the console will be selling at a price of 39,990 Indian Rupees which is about ($550) in USA. Also, Xbox Series X, on the other hand, is selling at $685 in India, and Xbox Series S is at $480. Both consoles were released in India in November.

Basically, as elsewhere in the world, Microsoft is struggling to meet the demand for the new Xbox consoles in India. More so, since  Xbox Series X is facing such a shortage in the country, makes it difficult to find its listing on Amazon India.


Anticipating PlayStation fans, some of whom including, of course, yours have already secured a premium unit from the gray market in recent months. This is after India was not included in the first wave of PS5 nations to get the supply.

More so, some fans do express their disappointment with Sony and its associated partners for not giving explanations o the issues. Also, for not presenting contradictory accounts on the likely launch of the new gaming console in previous months.

More so, in November, Sony indicated that PS5 release in India had been postponed in respect to local import regulations. Also, the game news The Mako Reactor announced earlier this week that Sony is unlikely to give a warranty.  Furthermore, the after-sales support for PS5 accessories in India as it has been the case for many previous generations.

PS5 Game Console

Basically, India is not yet a major market for full-length game consoles. This is according to the industry figures over the years. Sony and Microsoft sales in the country is just a few hundred thousand units of their previous generation game consoles.

However, the spread of inexpensive Android smartphones and the cheapest mobile data tariffs has made mobile gaming in the country fun. Therefore, tens of millions of Indians have embraced mobile gaming in recent years.

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