Smart Holographic Phone – The World First Hologram Phone |

The Smart Holographic phone is a new innovation technology. However, it is the future of mobile device technology. Therefore, the world first hologram phone recently came to the technology platform few years ago. But in recent time there have been a rise in so many phone tech companies. Whereby, trying to improve on this technology. Furthermore, holographic devices is said to make images float out of the screen. Therefore, when using the phone the camera projects images for display.

Smart Holographic Phone - The World First Hologram Phone |

Furthermore, this is to say the camera generates holograph which will transmit hologram data for viewing. Particularly the world first holographic smart phone is a device with screen and cutting edge cameras over it. Therefore, the device s sleek and smart as well. Also, the device comes with a lot of features for its users to explore. Basically for me the holographic function and display a bomber and redefine the future of mobile smart phones.

How Glass Ray Holograms is Been Generated on the Smart Phone

Therefore, the smart Holographic phone generates glass ray holograms with an advance technology system operation. Furthermore, the device uses the camera to quickly track eye movements. Then transfer the data to the on chip signal processing movement.  More so, these quickly process the data to the eye tracking system. Which will lock on the direction of where our eyes are looking. This is really an amazing piece of technology.

Furthermore, the eye tracking system adjust eye movements base on where your eyes are looking. Immediately, the user will then see the holographic effect. This is the first of this kind of innovation which is pioneering the eye tracking technology. However, this innovation is dedicated to the smart phone application which they call Smart Holographic.

Camera Functions of the Holographic Smartphone

Basically, the smart holographic comes with a pack of amazing features that is mind blowing. Therefore users will experience a whole new world of mobile experience. Here are some interesting things about the device.

  • Four Edge Cameras

The four edge cameras on the smart phone, gives the device a perfect air interface. Therefore, the two lens camera which sits on the back of the device is for taking holographic images. Also, the camera is design to collect and process holographic data.

User Experience of the Smart Device

Particularly users will experience a whole lot of difference in using the holographic device. Therefore, below are some those experiences.

  1. No more dizziness or narrow viewing angles when watching videos or playing games in 3D.
  2. Also, when playing games it becomes more fun and trilling.
  3. Distance is also not a problem as you can view images as though they are close to you.
  4. Users get a life like product display for online shopping. Hmm this is really a fun device I must say.
  5. Navigating complex tracking systems easily.
  6. Also, when viewing educative contents it’s no longer boring but fun and lively.
  7. 3D scanning and printing anytime and anywhere.

Particularly, the smart mobile device company is fully set to provide more innovative technology. Therefore, dedicating themselves to producing more innovative technology to improve better lives.

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