Skype Conference Call – Start Skype for Business Conference Call | How to Schedule a Skype Conference Call

There is a great importance of making the Skype conferences call either you are in the office or at home. Therefore, during hard times whereby you as a business person cannot get to the office or far away on a trip you can as well still contact your colleagues. More so, the group conference call is a very nice feature from Skype to help business owner and office worker to actualize their goals.

Skype Conference Call - Start Skype for Business Conference Call | How to Schedule a Skype Conference Call
Skype Conference Call – Start Skype for Business Conference Call | How to Schedule a Skype Conference Call

Furthermore, there is the use of mobile calls and you can use social media platforms to communicate but not as the Skype conference call. Basically, the skype conference call feature on Skype is more fun and as well very useful officially in terms of working from home and doing business meetings.

This is why it is very much on key when we are talking of business meetings. More so, one fun thing about the service is you can make the conference call with friends, family, and even partners.

How Many People Can Participate in a Skype Conference Call?

When we are talking about conference calling, one thing that will come to our mind is who can you make such call with. Also, some people will be wondering if the calls can connect with their mobile device. Basically, you can make the Skype conference call with any Skype users on your Skype account and you can as use any mobile device for it.

Then the big question goes that how many Skype users can participate in making this call at a time. Recently, Skype has doubled the amount of group and video calls limit at a time. However. The figure is now a number of 25 to 50 persons at a time. Therefore, this a good one as it can cover a number of people even in a business meeting.

Requirements to Set up Skype Conference call – Skype Video Calls

Particularly, to set up the conference call you must make sure you have installed the app your computer or mobile device. However, the Skype video calls are very easy to make and guess what? You can make it for free.

With the Skype platform you can make video and voice calls on a high definition standard. More so, when making calls with do seems you are very close to the person because of its high standard. Below are the requirements to set up a conference video or voice call.

  • A good and working smartphone device or a computer system.
  • A high definition camera on your device or connecting to it.
  • Lastly, a high-speed internet connectivity with enough internet data.

Note: All the people participating in the conference call in the group most have a good internet service as well in other for it to work smoothly.

How to Make Skype for Business Conference Call

Therefore, for you to initiate a conference call or a Skype business conference call on your computer or mobile device follow the below steps.

  • Log into your Skype account or open the Skype app.
  • Click on the Calls tap and hit on the New Call
  • Select the Call button at the top right corner of the page to make a call.
  • After that you can then start the conference call with the use of the free link that will be sent to you. Furthermore, for you to connect the call with other users you will have to share the link to them.

Therefore, if any of the contact joins the conference call their icons turn green immediately. Furthermore, if a person drops out of the connection you can still reconnect the user back online.

Can Non-Skype Members Join the Group Call?

The answer to that question is yes because people who are not using Skype can as well join the call. Therefore, for them to do this they need to dial the host Skype number or better still the host can invite them with SkypeOut.

Create Skype Group Call

More so, after adding a non-skype user the host then need to make some changes because adding a person that is not on skype is not free. Therefore, if you wish to make a regular call with the same group of persons then you will need to create a Skype group.

After creating the group, you need to add all the contacts to connect with them. This makes it super easy for you to contact the group all together when next you want to make a conference call. More so, if you want to remove a person form the group just right click on the person icon and click on the Remove button

Benefits of Conference Call

These are the additional features and as well the benefit of the skype group calling.

  1. You can share your presentation with ease. Also, you can do this with your project work etc.
  2. Ability to save the group calls to view them later.
  3. Also, it improves efficiency in work place.
  4. Make notes from them as skype will save your calls for about 30 days period.
  5. It do reduce cost of make voice call or video call normally.
  6. You can as well blur your background. Particularly, if you do not want to expose your flaws.

How to Merge Calls

There is certainly another way to hold a conference call on skype and this is when you can merge two different calls together. Basically, this is good if you are discussing the same topic. Therefore, to achieve this

  • Go straight to the Recent
  • Tap and drag any of the calls to each other to merge them both.

How to Schedule a Skype Conference Call

On this section you will learn how you can schedule a conference call on skype. Basically, this is very important to know in case you have a serious conference call meeting you do not want to forget. Furthermore, Skype gives users the ability to set reminders for a one to one group calls or normal skype calls. So, for you to schedule a call on skype follow the below steps.

  1. The first thing you most do is to sign in to your skype account.
  2. Then open any of your chart you wish to create a schedule for.
  3. Select the Schedule call caption and you can find it close to the Compose bar. More so, if you cannot find it you can check the Add ins menu to locate it.
  4. Then choose either to use Skype for mobile and tablet or Skype for desktop.
  5. Next on the schedule call window title each of your calls.
  6. Set a date and time for them.
  7. You can as well set a reminder.

After completing all these click on the Send and it will send a call reminder to your chat. Furthermore, the contact on the chat can accept either to accept or decline the call you have schedule. Therefore, this is a full guide to learn how to create a Skype conference call.



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