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Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone anyone should look at when deciding to get a new smartphone. Because the phone is unique, unlike any other Android phones you can find on the market. It’s quite expensive for average earners. But, in a world where mid-range phones are more than good to handle it is a perfect device. Furthermore, the device has a sleek body design built.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Features, Reviews, Specs |

The Samsung galaxy s8 prides its self with so many amazing features. Also, the features are very active and give users a wonderful user experience. The Samsung phone brand is one of the best mobile phone brands in the world. When talking about its picture quality, users are sure of getting the best out of the Samsung galaxy s8.

When it comes to the screen, it is very clear, sharp. Also, it offers a lovely color reproduction which makes watching a movie a wonderful experience. The phone screen is larger than that of the iPhone7 plus in a chassis that feels more like the iPhone 7. But the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone that rises above reasonable doubt to combine everything into a handset. Its body seamless pattern gives the device a sleek design to hold.

Most smartphones users now want to use a fingerprint to unlock their device. Which makes it secure and also means they won’t have to input their PIN a billion times a day. This is the main reason the Samsung mobile phone company added the fingerprint scanner feature to the galaxy s8.

Users can also unlock the phone with their face, an iris scan or a fingerprint. Due to increasing order of security, as you may want, this makes the S8 one of the most secure smartphones on the market.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Facial recognition

The Samsung galaxy s8 face recognition feature is one that is very unique when talking about the device. Therefore users can unlock and also be open the device with the face recognition feature. This is a very advanced system of technology that the Samsung mobile phone company has placed on the galaxy s8.

  • Fingerprint

Talking on the security system standard, the Samsung galaxy s8, fingerprint scanner feature is superb. This unlocking feature enables the device to unlock in smart form. Also, the time rate is barely up to a second to unlock.

  • Bixby

Another big feature that came with the Galaxy S8 is the Bixby, which is the brand’s voice rival to Apple’s Siri.  Also, to Amazon’s Alexa and the Google’s less Assistant. The Bixby is Samsung’s big play in its offer to compete in the arena of artificial intelligent assistance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Specs & Price | Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus |
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Specs & Price | Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus |

The aim is to make Bixby an essential accompaniment to your daily life. It reminds users of things they may need, lets you know what you are looking at. Also, it’s a single-button one-stop shop for all the information you will need. Therefore the Bixby is also designed to understand things contextually in the future.

  • Scratch and Water Proof Resistance

There is a high level of technology inbuilt on the Samsung galaxy s8 which makes it resists scratches and water. Therefore if the device falls inside water, it is certain that the user will not lose its phone due to the water entering into the device. Also, the device is resistance to some level of scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

  • The Rom of the device is powered on a 1.9GHZ octa-core with the Samsung Exynos 8895 processor.
  • It has a 4GB RAM and a 64GB ROM and users can upgrade the device storage to 256GB via micro SD card.
  • Dual edge curve infinity screen display 18.5:9 ratio.
  • 12-megapixel rear camera and an 8mega pixel front selfie camera.
  • The device has a 3000mah battery power.
  • A Single and dual sim feature.
  • Connectivity includes GSM, WI FI, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G, 4G, and OTG.
  • Actively sensors are Ambient Light, Proximity Sensor, Compass, Magnetometer, and Gyroscope.
  • Price is abut $250 to $300 in some locations.

These are some of the amazing features and specs a user who purchases the Samsung s8 Plus and s8 device will enjoy. Therefore there are some other beautiful features that are in the device that are on this list.

These features are like the cloud storage, Samsung healthcare, Samsung mobile TV and so on. This is really a wonderful piece of technology device to use, so smartphone lover should go for this device. Users can still know more about the device by logging to

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