Reddit Gold – All About Reddit Gold Awards and Reddit Coins | Reddit Platinum

Reddit Gold was a premium membership, which lets Reddit users a variety of additional features, such as access to /r/lounge, a private Subreddit for Gold members, the ability to turn off adds, additional comment filters, and a nice little badge that shows that a user is a Reddit Gold member.

Reddit Gold - All About Reddit Gold Awards and Reddit Coins | Reddit Platinum
Reddit Gold – All About Reddit Gold Awards and Reddit Coins | Reddit Platinum

More so, third party companies would offer discounts and deals to Reddit Gold members through the Reddit partners program, which they closed down in March 2016.

However, if you are a regular Reddit user or spent at least a little time on the Reddit site in the last years, you have probably noticed the Reddit new feature. More so the feature is the premium membership for Reddit users to buy or gift each other.

Therefore, the number of businesses successfully utilizes buying Reddit users Gold memberships. Furthermore, this is gold like a virtual six-pack, as a way of rewarding users for participating in their campaigns. More so, this is how Toyota did as a way of saying thanks to Reddit users who aided to make their Huge Amazon Box Promotion an international success.

Reddit Coins – All Reddit Awards

Reddit coins are a brand new virtual currency that lets users reward other users. Also, this is known as Gilding for quality submissions and comments they make. There are three award levels, which are explained as follows:

Silver Award- Therefore, this is the lowest level award on the platform. Furthermore, this shows a silver award badge next to the comment or submissions and costs 100 Reddit Coins.

Gold Award- Therefore, this is the middle-level award on Reddit and likely the most popular. More so, it provides users with one free week of Reddit Premium and costs 500 Reddit Coins. Furthermore, it shows a Gold Award next to the comment or submissions.

Platinum Award- This is the highest level award a user can give on Reddit. It shows a Platinum Award badge next to the comment or submissions; it also provides the user with one month of Reddit Premium, as well as giving the user 700 Reddit Coins of their own to spend. This award level costs 1800 Reddit Coins.

With this change, from Credits to Coins, the cost of presenting someone an award will be significantly reduced.  Hopefully, it will encourage more people to award submissions and comments by others.

Particularly, all Reddit Premium members get 700 coins each month to spend. Also, there are plenty of options to buy Reddit Coins separately, with discounts for purchasing the coins in bulk.

What is Reddit Gold Star?

The Reddit Gold star is a premium membership level on the Reddit platform. Therefore, the gold costs $3.99 on a monthly base payment. Also, you can get $29.99 for a yearly payment level. However, this gold can be given to Reddit members by the platform for their good posting service. Also, you can still get this gold by liking posts by other users. Funny enough, you can still give this gold to an enemy, in other to make them confused.

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