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OoVoo is a free Video/Audio and a Messenger app that offers its users group chatting across multiple device platforms. With ooVoo, you can make conference video calls with up to 12 people. This is possible with the use of different platforms like PC, Android, iPhone and more.

OoVoo - Video Calls, Messaging | Voice & Text on www.oovoo.com

It is an app that serves as a bridge between iOS and Android devices in terms of video chat. OoVoo can host up to six audio calls with a single process of sharing video feeds. Its instant messaging system also allows users to send and receive instant messages from family and friends. Your video calls can be made over Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G internet connections.

Therefore users can video chat with friends who don’t have ooVoo if you want but the process is a little more complex. The desktop and premium versions include video messaging and file sharing features, and there are no ads. Video and sound quality are generally good, and mostly with that of its competitors, depending on device and network quality.

Furthermore, on privacy issues, anyone can search and contact you, as long as you are a user of the app. A user can, however, change his or her account settings in order to restrict public access. OoVoo also has options of declining a request, muting a call or turning off the camera if need be.

Oovoo Set up

Launch the app after downloading it. You will be prompted to sign-in or create an account. Create an account if you don’t already have one, and then sign–in. The app will automatically import contacts from your device and social networks that are already using ooVoo to your contact list. You can as well invite friends who are not on the app.

Special features on oovoo.com

There are some merits or advantages OoVoo have over its competitors. These advantages include the following below.

  • It connects up to 12 people at a time, and developers say it can be adjusted to accommodate more users per demand.
  • Also, allows its users to share pictures or documents (up to 25 MB) during video conferences.
  • It allows users to record calls, upload on YouTube, and watch video clips together with other users.
  • The app also has privacy controls which enable users to limit its availability to some certain users or block them.
  • It supports all devices and social platform such as smartphones, PC, tablets, Facebook, Instagram etc.

OoVoo App Download

For users to download the oovoo app they need to first have an internet connection on their device. Then open any internet browser on your device and input the Google play store.

  1. Then type in the search word on the search space bar and tap the continue caption.
  2. When the app pops up tap on it.
  3. Scroll down and click on the download caption.
  4. After downloading, install the app into your device and off, it will start running on the user’s device.

Make Calls on ooVoo

Like Fring, Skype and Tango, ooVoo offers free voice-only calls to other users. Also, pre-paid calls to local and international numbers (i.e. more than 70 countries). To make pre-paid calls, a user needs to purchase an in-app subscription. The prices of calls range with respect to the location of the number, and on whether or not it is a mobile phone. However, these apps’ prices are not low enough to encourage users to switch from what they are already using.

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