Office 365 – Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft software company is a very wide and productive one. Rendering good service and product delivery to the world at large. They have quite a lot of product and service they offer their consumer all over the globe. And these products function to suit user desire, in all aspect of work, business, career, and personal data. The office 365 is not left out, whereby it’s a line of subscription service, which is offered by Microsoft. And it’s also a branch of one of the Microsoft office products in Microsoft itself. This product we are talking about is of standard and quality. In essence, user fined satisfaction while using them.

Office 365 - Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office 365

When users hear the word office 365, what comes to their mind is application or software used in the office. But there is more to it than just that. Because the office 365 can also be used by students as well. For project purposes, dealers, and businessmen, for record keeping and so on. So when users talk about features like the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, oneDrive. All these features are all packed inside the office app. All these products can be accessed by entering the URL

Products of Office 365 – Microsoft Office – Outlook Mail

Like as said before there are so many features packed in the office 365. Here we are going to be looking at some of those features.

  1. Outlook: The outlook feature or product is an email service app. Which enables users manages outlook mail, outlook calendar, outlook task, and outlook people. This is one vital feature or product users find interesting. Because it’s easy to understand its mode of operation is very simple.
  2. Online Application: This is a business and enterprise-oriented plan for the office. It offers services like cloud hosted, exchange, share point. As well as Skype for business and a power base office web. Whereby users enjoy an online amount of storage. From features like one drive, which offer users about 15GB of online storage.
  3. Collaboration Tools: This is a good design productive tool to meet the desires of various departments, organizations at all levels. The collaboration tool has a packed amount of features. As well as the Share Point online, Onedrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Outlook online, Skype for Business. Therefore each collaboration tool has its own collaboration function to enhance office operations.

More Product of Office 365 – Microsoft

  1. Updates: The update is an active product found in the office 365. This enables an online version upgrade of applications for best quality services.
  2. Security: This is design for data protection and compliance requirement policy, regulatory standard in an organization. When talking of cyber-attacks and guarding against data loss. As well as accidental leakage of data, emails, and files in the office. In the case of using a custom domain at the office, it helps stop sender fraud in your organization.

How to Access the Office 365 – Microsoft Office

  1. The user must first sign up for the Microsoft office service. Which will enable the user to have a user identification email and password. They will then send a welcome message to the user.
  2. Then the user should sign in at the URL Portal With the username and password received in the email. Users maybe ask to change their password after signing in.
  3. The next page opens, which is the office 365 home page. Users can now work on documents and emails and also settings. This is possible on your PC, mobile devices and tablets.
  4. When done with those steps. The user will find features like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Also, OneNote, and Outlook on any device you are using.

Therefore this is some of the few steps users can follow in achieving access to the office 365 email platform. They are very simple and straightforward to comply with. So users, who have successfully completed this process, have a full access to enjoy all the features and services of the office 365.

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