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MyUS is a fast shipping company with its headquarters in the United States of America. The world of technology has really hit a high level of advancement presently. Therefore people sort out to do things or transport faster. The shipping industries are not left out of the big picture. This is because of various shipping company’s sort for better ways to speed up customer goods delivery.

Myus - Sign up on | US Stores | Shipping Packages in a dynamic way has been able to introduce a fast standard of service delivery. Furthermore, the company renders shipping to all parts of the world. This is to say there are no limits to the delivery services you can actually get from using this service. With all their excellent service their price rate is relatively affordable and cheap. Also, In calculating prices for billing the company use the weight of the item rather than sizing the item.

There are lots of things a customer will gain while using the MyUS shipping service. A customer can save up to 80% on shipping rates with this company. Furthermore, using the shipping service your goods are sure of being safe to its destination point. Also, there are some other shipping companies like.

  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FED EX
  • VIABOX. These shipping service companies offer various form of service and different mode of operations. So whenever you think of shopping in US online stores like

MyUS Sign Up

For you to use the services of you must first sign up on the platform. Therefore, this makes you have a full access to your account and then make your transactions through the company services. Myus also have an app that makes it easier for customers to access the website.

  1. First, you open the website to start the process.
  2. Click the sign up caption at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Then choose from any of the three packages. Either Single, Free Trial Premium, and +Mail package.
  4. After choosing a package you can then input fill in some personal details to complete the process.

Mind you the three packages to choose from have different services they offer. This is to say you cannot pick a Single package and enjoy the services of a +Mail package.

Types of MyUS Service Packages

First of all just as we discuss before above, there are three main services a customer can choose from when signing up to the company shopping platform.

  • Single Package: This package does not include any membership fee. Although, there are limitations when using this package. Furthermore, this means a customer can only enjoy services like the
  1. MyUS shipping Address
  2. Exclusive 20% discount
  3. US tax-free shopping
  • Free Trial Premium: On this package, the customer is given all the services by MyUS but for only a month trial period. Therefore, this actually means after a month of using this package it will then expires.
  1. Myus shipping address
  2. Exclusive 20% discount
  3. US tax-free shopping
  4. Package consolidation
  5. Package repackaging
  6. Finally, the Package storage
  • +Mail Package: customers on this shipping service platform pay a fee of $25 per month to keep enjoying the service. Therefore, this package carries all the benefits for the customer to enjoy.

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