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Magic Rampage is an adventurous game available on Android and iOS devices for free.. It is an action RPG platformer which borrows from 2D side-scrolling games of the past. More so, you can as well play this game on your Magic rampage PC system It is an exciting new “platformer” (from the 90’s), which features character customization.

Magic Rampage - Platformer Andriod Game | App store | APK Download

An adventurer’s assignment is to help the characters you meet along the way to fulfill their duties. As you play you earn “gold” which is the game’s currency. You can also purchase gold through in-app purchases if need be or better still, replay levels that give more gold.

How Magic Rampage Works

A castle is captured and its inhabitants turned into monsters by an evil warlock/magician. You are an adventurer who arrives at the castle, right after this happens the gamer starts some activities. Help the characters (e.g. survivors)  the user meet different stuff along the way to fulfill their duties. Magic rampage supports joystick, gamepads, and even keyboards for more accuracy gameplay. iPhone users can click here App store to download the game to their phone


Users or players are required to move around the castle, destroy enemies, acquire loot and help characters fulfill their duties.  Each dungeon introduces the player to more difficult enemies, traps, obstacles, and secret areas to explore. Hence, this makes the game tougher as you pass through different levels. At the end of every 10 levels, you make your way through in challenging boss fights.

There are bonus levels as well as survival game modes where the player needs to defeat increasingly difficult enemies in a gaunt-like room with traps. This is the boss fight, which particularly interests gamers who love achievements, as there is much more to do than the regular. Join forces with friendly NPCs to battle and conquer.


There are several controls the game provides in the loot. These are the main items the play finds on the gameplay, they include the following;

  • Weapons: There are a bunch of weapons to wield, to help you defeat enemies. They include; knives, swords, axes, maces, magical staves, and hammers. These weapons, however, look-alike and this makes it difficult to differentiate between them.
  • Armor: This reduces the damage you take. The fire armor protects you from burning when they are passing through fire traps.
  • Trinkets: This is the game’s currency (i.e. gold) which can be used to purchase required items.

Also, the player character can make use of various abilities such as; jump impulses which, influences its ability to jump, speed which increases its speed, etc.

Magic Rampage Download – Google Play Store

Actually, gamers can really download the game on the Google play store. Therefore users can follow this few steps to Apk download of the game on their devices.

  • Tab on the Google play store app on your device.
  • On the search bar type the game name e.g. Magic Rampage.
  • The results pop up and then click on the game caption to start the download process.
  • Click on the download bar, and the game starts loading into the user’s device.
  • After downloading the game install it on your device.

When the users are done with all this process they can then access the game on their device. Then for users using their PC they only need to enter any browser of their choice and on their computer and enter the URL Google play to download and install the game.

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