Konga Black Friday – Yakata Deals | Discounts | Online Shop

It’s another time of the year again were the Konga online shopping website slashes down the prices of products. Konga refers to this sale promo or yakata sales discount as the Konga black Friday.

Konga Black Friday - Yakata Deals | Discounts | Online Shop

This a time where online shoppers can actually get any item they want for a very cheap prize. Furthermore, the prices on the black Friday deals can go as low as even a 90% discount. Konga black Friday promo deals are usually done in a close festive month.

This is actually good news for all online shoppers as they stand the chance to benefit from the Konga black Friday deals. The promo deals most times runs for a month period, and on Fridays of the promo month, there is a huge slash in prices and also amazing discounts. The Konga online shopping website has a lot of products and categories for customers to shop like:

  • Phones and Tablets
  • Electronics
  • Home and kitchen
  • Konga fashion
  • Men and female wears
  • Shoes
  • Baby wears and toys
  • Groceries
  • Stationaries and many more.

Konga Black Friday – Konga App

Konga online shopping website has a mobile app which online shoppers or users can make use of in other to purchase items on the online shop. The app makes it easy and fast for a user to access the Konga online shop without stress.

For a shopper to use the app they need to download the Konga app from the Google play. Therefore after downloading the app, they will then need to sign up on Konga. This is a registration process whereby you have to fill in some few personal details to sign up.

When an online shopper login to the Konga app once with his or her details for the first time, it will automatically register your login details. This makes it easier for you to access the app without inputting your login details all the time.

Konga Black Friday Flash Sales

The flash sale is one of the promo deals on the Konga black Friday that shoppers should grab with both hands. On the flash sales deals, different products are placed on the flash sale platform with very cheap prices. You can get a discount on products up to 80% to 90% discount on some products.

Furthermore, items on the flash sales platform are on a time countdown. Every item that is put on the flash sale platform there is always a time limit to it. Also, there is a limited quantity of each particular item on the flash sale.

The Early Bird Sales

The early bird sales promo deal is another type of sale deals on the Konga website. For instance, it displays a number of sales items with an amazing discount. The items are on a time limit as well just like the flash sale deal. So, one amazing thing about the early bird sales is that you can follow the progress of any item you want on the go.

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