Fring- Make Video calls & Free Group Video Calls | Android Device

Fring is a video and audio call app that lets you make free group video calls. The user can call four friends or family across the world, but it also offers instant messaging. Unlike Facebook and Skype which only allows video calls on iOS devices. Fring allows video calls between iOS devices and Android devices.

Fring- Make Video calls & Free Group Video Calls | Android Device

Fring has a built-in feature that allows users to make calls over 3G, 4G or Wifi Internet connections. It, however, offers the best video quality with 4G and Wi-Fi connections. Furthermore, there is still plans to improve on the standard of the internet bands in the future. Anyone can use this app and users can connect with friends, family, business partners etc.

How Fring App Works

One can get and download the app on Google playstore. Once the user downloads the app on their device, the user can then install and launch it. If you are a new user,

  • The user has to create a Fring user ID and password.
  • Also, add a profile picture, and associate your account with an e-mail address.
  • Then the user can input phone number, and then create a list of Fring buddies.
  • To do this, you either add friends who are already on fring by searching for their user ID or use the “Search address book” option.

This process allows a user to select contacts from his or her phone’s library to check for a match. If there’s a match, the contact is automatically added to your fring’s contact. But if there is no match, the app gives you the option of inviting the contact through an SMS.

Frings has a simple, friendly and engaging interface. There is a springboard strip at the bottom of the main screen with icons for your profile, history, buddy list, more and dialer. You can set a contact picture and display your latest status update on the “Profile page”. On the “More page” you can manage currently active sessions. Install add-ons, browse your call history and add to your buddy list. View your MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ accounts.

This is done via the “Stream Icon” as well as Twitter and Facebook updates. The “Settings page” however offers a toggle for push notifications for Fring calls, chats, Facebook and Twitter account notifications. Note that the app has a “Stream” feature, which only comes with the iOS version of the app. This feature allows users to update their status across Fring, Facebook, and Twitter at the same time.

Making Video calls & Group Video Calls

Tapping a friend’s name on the buddy list, this opens the contact page. So the user can either select an option to call, video call, chat, or group chats with that contact. Unlike on Facebook, where a user can switch from a voice call to a Video call without hanging up the call. But the user has to first hang up a voice call if they desire to switch to a video call on Fring.

When making regular video calls with just one friend, your caller’s video takes up the full screen of your device. While the receiver appears on the bottom-left corner of the app. There are three buttons displaying on the screen.  One of which helps you switch between back and front-facing cameras. The other two buttons are the speakerphone and the hang-up button.

To make a group call, simply choose a contact and tap the Group Video button. Once your call is connected, proceed to add and inviting other contacts to the group video call one after the other, by tapping a “plus icon” on the bottom left corner of the screen. After all four contacts have been added, the screen displays live visual feeds for all parties on the call, in a 2 x 2 layout.

Save Money with FringOut

By using FringOut users can save money on regular calls. FringOut is a prepaid outbound call service that lets you call landlines and mobile phones all over the world at a very cheap rate. Prices range from $0.01 per minute for U.S. landlines. Then for mobile phones, $0.31 cents per minute to lines in other countries. Buy “fringout” credit or subscription through ‘fringe app”. To make very cheap calls to friends and family that is not on fring.

Fring App Download – Google play store

Fring app is available on Android and iOS devices only. Also, you can download the app on the Google play store. Downloading the app is very easy and does not require many processes. The user just needs to open his or her Google play store app on their device and type the app name on the search bar. Different results will pop up, the user should then choose the fring app then download and install the app.

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