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Facebook enables users to add a shop section to their Facebook page. This is so nice as, customers can buy your products and seek your services directly from the Facebook shop. Also, customers can checkout with ease directly from the Facebook shop page as well. Furthermore, as a seller you can make money selling your products and services on Facebook.com.


This article will teach  users how to add or create a shop on that section to your Facebook page. More so, it does not necessarily mean that to own a shop you must must have a IT background to achieve this. However, you only need to read through this article and follow the steps here to achieve your desired result.

Process to Check if Facebook Account has Access to the Facebook Shop Page

Therefore to find out if you have access to the store section feature on your Facebook page, you should visit your page and look for the Ads shop section link below your Facebook page cover photo.

However, you can see and locate the shop sections in action mode on Facebook pages e.g. This is seen in pages like

  • American Kennel Club
  • Basics Products
  • Also, the Awkward Yeti
  • ARDOR USA, and Snow Lizard Products.

More so, the powering of Snow Lizard product is run by Shopify. Furthermore, users can compare it to understand the difference between shops that Facebook are powering with those by e-commerce solution providers.

However, if you are a Shopify or Big commerce customer, you can also learn more about selling on your Facebook page using their respective links.

Particularly, the good news about this is that, the feature is not available only to major retailers. But the bad news therein is that, it seems to appear at random. However, if you have the Add shop section link on your Facebook page, then you just need to start using it.

How to Setup Shop on Facebook

On this section of this article we are going to be looking at how to start and setup a Fbook shop using your account.

  • The first thing you need to do is to check if you have the shop section on your Facebook account.
  • Furthermore, if you see it then click on Add Shop Section caption.
  • After that you have to agree to the merchant terms and policy guiding the shop section.
  • Then add your payment processing details to enable checkout.
  • Next you have to describe the products you sell.
  • Add your products to the shop. This is very important as it determine how to engage your customers.
  • You can as well create your collections.
  • Access your shop setting option.
  • Manage all your orders

This is all what you need to know in other to setup your shop on Fbook as well as connecting with your customers.

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