Facebook Search – Facebook Search Tool | Facebook Search Bar

Facebook search as we all know is a semantic search engine. More so, this process was brought about by Facebook in March 2013. The design of the platform is to give answers to user natural language queries than a list of links. They combine the graph search feature big data acquired from it over one billion users. Also, external data into a search engine providing user-specific search results.

Facebook Search - Facebook Search Tool | Facebook Search Bar
Facebook Search – Facebook Search Tool | Facebook Search Bar

In a presentation by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Graph Search algorithm finds information from within a user`s of friends. Mores, Microsoft`s Bing search engine provides some additional result. Particularly, in July it this services was then made available to all users using the U.S. English version of Facebook. Also, in December 2014, Facebook re-do some of its changes on the search features, dropping partnership with Bing, and eliminating most of the search patterns.

 Development – Facebook Search

They Graph Search Features was launched in Beta January 2013. This was a limited preview for some English users in the united states. Company reports indicate that the service launched to between tens and hundreds of thousands of users.

The Facebook release the feature to some few users, with a slow expansion planned. Facebook as well made an announcement of its plans for a future mobile interface and the inclusion of Instagram photos. Therefore there is some limitation to the feature to only some users with a slow expansion planned. Facebook then announces its plans in the nearest feature to bring out the mobile interface and as well the inclusion of Instagram photos.


Facebook Graph search operated by use of search bar algorithm similar to traditional search engines such as Google. However, the search feature is distinguished as a semantic search engine, searching based on the intended meaning. Rather than returning results based on matching keywords, Facebook design the feature to match phrases. As well as objects on the site.

Search results were based on the content of the user and their friend`s profiles. Also, the relationships between the user and their friends. Results were based on the friends and interests expressed on Facebook. Also, due to what the organize his or her user’s privacy settings with. Therefore, you may not see some content because of the policy the user puts to govern the said content.

Entries into the search bar were Auto completed as users typing the characters. Therefore, Facebook suggests friends on second-degree connections, Facebook pages, and automatically-generated topics. Also, web searches for anything Facebook were not able to search for.

The operation of the search feature depends on the user environment. Therefore they intend the feature to encourage users to add more friends. However, in doing so, it could provide updating, more data-rich results and stimulates the use of the feature.

Facebook Search Functions – Facebook Search Tool

Facebook supported searches for the following types:

  • People
  • For Pages
  • Place [limitable to a specific location [attitude and longitude] and distance]
  • Furthermore, a check-ins of the user and friends, or better still where they tag the friend or user in question.
  • Attachment of objects with location information. In addition, the objects which they return will be those in which they tag with the user or friend. Particularly, those objects that the user or friends create.


Precisely, in 2012, Facebook mad an introduction of sponsoring pages in search results. Therefore, this is by buying “Targeted Entities” on Facebook. However, advertisers do pay some certain fee according to what they can offer to have their page appear when users search for that entity. This will remain the feature of the search bar. Although, they have not increased the advertising component in the Graph Search feature.


Therefore, initial reactions by users and tech personnel brought about the launch of Graph Search. This in turn includes a whole lot of concerns about privacy. Furthermore, Facebook has alluded to these concerns and emphasized that the search operates within the pre-existing privacy settings. However, users can access the information only available to them.  The feature makes this information easier and potentially more appealing to find.

Therefore, Facebook search is a good tool to search out a person of interest by name or by date of birth. More so, you can type the person`s name in the search box. This is at the top of the Facebook website or on the mobile app. Also, select “people” to narrow the search results down to Facebook members.


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