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People post on Facebook every day to get hundreds and thousands of Facebook likes. However, other Facebook users can also like your status update, comments, photos and so on. Facebook likes enable users to show how much he /she loves what you posted thereby creating interaction between you and people.


Facebook likes also helps in terms of your business in such a way that the more likes you get; the more people love what you are marketing. However, users can also show what they think about something by clicking the “like” on Facebook icon.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Photos, Post – Facebook Post

Therefore, the more likes you have, shows other users how much people love what you posted. The platform works in a way that the more likes your post has, the more it will likely show up in people’s News Feeds thereby making your post popular. So, there are ways in which you can increase your likes, using these three methods:

  • Using Facebook posts – You can get likes fast on your post by making your post short and precise.
  • Facebook comments – Using Facebook comments can get you enough Facebook likes by tagging people on it, using Facebook likes GIF or others as a response to one’s post.
  • Using Facebook page – When trying to open a page, make sure people understand what it is all about. You should also try to use a good quality profile picture that well relates to your page.

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Post for Free

Basically, when you get more likes when you make a post, it truly shows that people really impressed with it. People post most times and do not get enough likes not because they are not good, but there are some things you are missing. You can get more likes free through following these guides:

  • Therefore, you should try posting when you notice most of your friend are online.
  • Interacting with people who comment on your post has a way of maintaining and increasing your likes fast.
  • Most especially, you should always try to make your post short and precise.
  • Adding photos to what you post can draw attention to your post thereby giving you more likes as well.

Therefore, this is the easy tips for you to get more likes as well as improving your presence on the platform.


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