Facebook Event Ads – Create Facebook Ads for Events | Boost Your Attendance with Facebook Advertising

Facebook event ads can help users increase awareness, RSVPs and ticket sales for user’s next event on Facebook. More so, with even ads, users can target people who might be interested in their event and retarget people who’ve shown interest in the past.

Facebook Event Ads - Create Facebook Ads for Events | Boost Your Attendance with Facebook Advertising

Event ads help increase responses or ticket sales on website users use and give their event a presence. Event ads also let users target people who might be interested in their event and retarget people who have expressed interest in the past. Therefore, users can choose a video, photo or more creative formats to attract the audience they want.

Event ad Objective

However, once a user has created a Facebook event, he can create an event ad when he chooses the traffic, Engagement or Conversions objectives in Ads Manager.

  • The Traffic objective helps to drive click to your website or app.
  • Also, the engagement objective helps to achieve more RSVPs for your event.
  • Therefore, the Conversions objective assists to increase ticket sales.

How to Create Facebook Event Ads – Facebook Event Page

Users can create event ads to get more responses or to sell more tickets on Facebook. The call to action on the user’s event ad will either say Interested or Get Tickets depending on the user’s objective. Now, choose the objective that best matches your goals.

Particularly, if the user works with a Facebook ticketing partner to sell tickets, people who see the user’s event ads can purchase tickets right from his Facebook event page.

How to use the Traffic or Conversions Objective to Sell more Tickets

However, if the user’s goal for his/her event ad is to sell more tickets, he/should use the Traffic or the Conversions objective. Therefore, creating event ads with these objectives will display a Get Tickets button to the audience who see your ad.

  • The Traffic objective helps direct people off of Facebook and on to the user’s app or website to purchase tickets.
  • Therefore, the Conversions objective helps track on-Facebook tickets sales for the user’s event.

Steps on How to Create an Event ad – Facebook Ads Manager

Therefore, to achieve these steps you have to follow these below process:

  1. From the user’s event page, click the three parallel dots and select Sell More Tickets.

Therefore, this will open the Facebook Ads Manager and automatically selects the Traffic objective. However, if users want to use the Conversions objective, they should change the selection of the Conversions objective. Furthermore, click continue.

  • More so, if a user chooses Traffic, he should also choose where he wants people to go and provide details on his targets audience, ad placement, budget, and schedule.

Facebook Pixel

However, if a user chooses Conversions, he should also choose the website or app he wants to promote and select a Facebook pixel or app event.

Furthermore, if a user doesn’t have a pixel or app event, he will see instructions to create one. Then provide details on his target audience, ad placement, budget, and schedule.

  • In Audience, user should choose who he wants to see his ad. The user can use an Event Custom Audience to reach people who responded to an event on his page. Users can also exclude a specific audience. Click Continue when you are finished on this page.
  • In the Identity section, user should choose his Facebook Page or Instagram account for his event ad.
  • Therefore, the user should choose how his event ad will look by choosing the format and images (be sure to review the recommended image details).
  • In the Links section, the user should select the link for his ad.

If a user chooses Website, he should enter the link for his event to direct people to where his tickets are been sold. If the user chooses Facebook Event, select a ticketed event you want to promote with your event ad.

  • User should provide the rest of his details, preview his ad and click Confirm when he finishes.

Boost an Event from Your Page

Basically, after you are done creating an event, you can boost the same event from your page to turn it into Facebook event ads. However, boosting an event is best for a business that does not regularly create event ads in Ads Manager. Do well to keep in mind only page admins and editors can boost the event.

Boost Your Event to Get More Facebook Response

  1. Click Boost Event from your event page
  2. Choose Research More People
  3. Select your audience. You can target people and their friends who have liked you page previously.
  4. Also, choose your budget and schedule.
  5. Click Boost. 

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