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Facebook dating is a very powerful dating platform for singles and people looking for friendship and love. More so,  Facebook announced the product at its F8 developer conference in May 2018. Therefore, the feature was an internal beta testing within several months. Facebook dating has been launched in Colombia in September 2018. Furthermore, launching the second expansion in Canada, the USA, and Thailand in October 2018.


However, the planning of Facebook dating is a feature within Facebook’s main app. Rather than a separate app release. Facebook users will create a separate Facebook dating profile. Also, after indicating interest in another profile. The service would let the users contact each other, find a secret crush. Therefore, Facebook also plans a feature to let people attending the same event. Also, make their profiles visible to each other.

How to start Facebook dating Free

Therefore, you start dating from your profile, click on the heart icon to enter what Facebook calls your “dating home”. From that point, you can set up a dating profile. More so, your Facebook friends won’t be able to see. Also, you can access this feature anywhere in the U.S and other parts of the world.

However, your first name and age can be from your normal Facebook account. But in Facebook dating, you will get to fill out a new profile with information. Like height, religion, job title. Also, you can as well get your interests and dating preference.

Furthermore, you can also add up to nine photos of yourself. Also, add some icebreaker questions picked by Facebook. These are questions like `what does your perfect day look like`?  The idea is that when people match. Users can discuss their responses to the icebreaker questions, instead of the usual, `hey, hi or xup? `

Fb Dating for Singles

Singles are always looking for a way to hook up with the right type of person. Especially, the one that fit their style and spec. However, Facebook dating for singles is a unique way for any single to find love and as well settling down in life.

Other Dating Interest

Browse events nearby and groups that interest you. Also, unlock the physical world event you would like to attend. Therefore, you can share your profile with other people going to that event. Also, you`d be able to see who`s attending and browse their profiles. Particularly, you can start a private and secret conversation if you find someone of your interest.

Note: the conversations will be text only, for safety purposes. Basically, your dating chats will remain separate from Facebook messaging and WhatsApp.

Who can use it?

Particularly, anyone who has a Facebook profile over the age of 18 can use Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating App

The platform uses the information you provide during registration, Facebook’s algorithms to work. The platform will suggest potential matches. Therefore, this is depending on dating preferences, as well as mutual friends.

Particularly, there is always a restriction on people’s location less than 100 kilometres away from you. Also, you can decide to only match with people who live nearby. Also, this also applies to those who have children, or fit into a specific age bracket. That is if that’s what you are looking for.

Facebook dating Messenger App 2020

Therefore, there is no swiping in Facebook dating. Instead, you click “Not interested” when looking at potential matching on the app. According to Zuckerberg, the platform is about: “building real, long-term relationships, not just hook-ups”.

The most intriguing thing about this is, you won’t see anyone you are already friends with on Facebook. Also, the people you block will not show on the platform, when Facebook serve matches up. Therefore, there is no need to worry or nervous about your Facebook friends seeing your new dating profile.

Particularly, because everything you do within the dating feature will not be shown to your friends. Also, receive and sent messages will be kept in a separate inbox, away from Facebook dating messenger app 2020.

However, once you match with someone and want to start chatting with them, you have to exchange phone numbers. Better still, switch to a different app. Furthermore, you will want to swap things like photos or news articles. This is for security reasons.

Benefits of Facebook Dating

  • It’s easy to get started
  • It works at your own pace
  • You can be `picky `if you want
  • Users will find better matches
  • Also, you will meet people outside your social circle
  • Most interactions will start with honesty
  • You don’t have to wonder how to approach the other person
  • Therefore, you can take safety precautions before meeting anyone.
  • It`s definitely cheaper
  • Dating decreases alienation and stigma
  • This dating platform improves Dating skills and prospect
  • Facebook dating expands Dating and Social circle

This Dating platform is very nice for singles to explore as well as those looking for serious partners or friendships all over the world.


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