Dstv – Access DStv Subcriptions on Multichoice Services

DStv is a Multichoice digital satellite TV service. It is also known as Digital Satellite Television and it was released in 1995 in Sub-Saharan Africa. It provides various amazing bouquets giving general entertainment like Movies, Sports, Drama, Live shows, and many more. Dstv is a sub-Sahara Africa broadcast company and multichoice is the owner of it. Also, the multichoice service offers about 11.9 million channels and services to their customers worldwide.

Dstv - Access DStv Subcriptions on Multichoice Services

In 1986, Pay-television arrived in South Africa when an analog, was released by Naspers. In 2001, the decoder launches their Indian and Portuguese bouquet. It changed channel numbers and also canceling M-Net Movie and Romance channels bands. The decoder has close to 8 million subscribers. Also with them being sited in Africa and Nigeria. Their slogan was changed So much more 1995-2014 to feel every moment. This is still currently in use up to this present day.

Different Dstv categories on Multichoice Services

There are various categories of the multichoice service company. Therefore this service and categories are to benefit their customers. Furthermore, the multichoice service is focused majorly on home and commercial service use.

  • Explora -Standard decoder
  • Explora 2 -Discontinued decoders
  • Drifta decoder

For DStv users or for anyone that wants to know more about the multichoice features. The user should visit the website www.dstv.com. The user will see so many features of various multichoice services and decoder banquets. You also get to see new subscription price and many more.

How to Access DStv Subscription – DStv now

There are various ways a subscriber in the multichoice service provider would access paying for their DStv now subscription. This is a very easy way to access, therefore there is various payment option a customer can use to pay these are:

  1. The subscriber can walk to any multichoice office nearby and make payment. To any customer care representative on the desk.
  2. The use of online payment services like making use of Quick teller app service.
  3. There is also the bank transfer method, which is making use of a bank teller transfer process. Although to access this method the user most request for a Dstv payment teller from the particular bank
  4. Users can still make use of Global pay services, PAGA e-pay and as well as Pay U services.

There are other methods a subscriber can access payment for his or her multichoice service as well. These methods are the Baxi Box and Kongapay service.

The DStv Self Service and Channels Subscription Packages

This is an easy way for subscribers to manage their subscription service online by themselves. They can as well do so much more in organizing their channels and as well as manage programs selection. There are various channels on the multichoice service platform.

Mind you there are different subscription plans for different channels packages such as the DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and DStv Premium. Therefore all these packages come with different price tags for customers. So users need to check out the plan or package that suits them.

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