Disqus – How to Create Disqus Profile & Monetize Engagement

Disqus is a universal blog comment hosting platform for websites and online communities that uses a networking platform. The Disqus’ platform consists of various features, such as social networking, social integration, spam and moderation tools, user profiles, email notifications, analytics, and mobile commenting.

Disqus - How to Create Disqus Profile & Monetize Engagement


It was founded by Jason Yan and Daniel Ha in the year 2007 as a startup Y Combinator. The platform was ranked the number 1 in Quant cast’s U.S. networks. With about 144million monthly U.S. visits. Disqus has been featured on different major publications such as Daily Telegraph, IGN, CNN, and more 750,000 websites and blogs.

History of Disqus

The website was first brought up in 2007 summer as Y Combinator startup controlled by Jason Yan and Daniel Ha. They both were undergraduate students at the University of Californian, Davis. Disqus was first released and incorporated on October 30, 2007. It realizes about $10 million in funding from Union Square Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners in early 2011.

The platform comment widget is written in JavaScript and is being powered by a back-end primarily written in Python using the Django frame. It operates on the premium financial model which is the same as the Evernote and Dropbox. The service is free for both websites and commenters but websites may pay fees to unlock some additional features.

Features of Disqus

The Disqus web page looks more like the Twitter page. The color and features, same graphics and a look-alike arrangement of the news feed. but the difference is the likes, retweet, comments, and others that Twitter has but Disqus doesn’t have. On your news feeds here on Disqus, you only “Recommend” means you love the post, then you can comment and also if you wish to share the post.

The website homepage has some features and icon for users to explore. These features are very useful and reliable in terms of functionality. Below are some of the features users can find.

  • Engage your Audience
  • Retain your Readers
  • Understand your Success
  • Monetize Engagement

How to Create your Disqus profile.

Users can create their profile with different means on the platform. Some of these modes are Facebook account, Twitter, Google and their Email address. If you decide to use your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts, you don’t need to input your passwords anymore, all you need to do is to verify the account and continue with the registration. If you wish to sign up with email accounts, all you need to do is;

  • Enter your name
  • Your email address
  • Your password

Then you click Sign up caption. Then that the user now has a new account.

Your Disqus profile

Your Profile is always by the top left side of your screen as it is on Twitter, here, your profile picture appears indicating your identity as the owner of the account. When you click on your profile, your page appears and all your activities on the sites are being displayed there. Your votes and the date you joined the site appears just below your profile picture and by the left side, also you have the latest recommendations you can always look at.

Disqus Channels – Discuss More on the Channel

When you click on channels, users can follow all the channels that they are provided with. Here you are to follow a section where users can Discuss and stay active on, read the posts and comments. When you click on explore, the same thing also appears and you can choose discussions to follow up.

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