Cookie Jam – Free Download Cookie Jam For Android | Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie jam is a Match-3-style puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. It is a clone of Candy Crush Saga, with a little twist to it. It has a food-related theme, like; cupcakes, waffles, cake slices, cookies, pies, etc., and this feature makes it different from other match-3-style puzzle games. The cookie jam game is a very nice and interesting game to play. Furthermore, it keeps one entertain and kills the boredom spirit. When talking about games, this is actually a game for all ages. Therefore a two-year-old can actually play this game as well.

Cookie Jam – Free Download Play Cookie Jam | Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie jam blast is also a match -3 puzzle game just like cookie jam. All these games have the same relationship the candy crush game, cookie jam blast and others as well. One interesting thing about them is that they are actually free to download and play. Another thing gamers should know about this games is that they are all alike. But although they are alike they have different modes of play, sound, and display.

How to Play Cookie Jam Game 

As in candy crush saga, you’re presented with a board that contains different game pieces. These pieces are of different shapes and colors. Gamers are expected to swap two adjacent pieces. This is to ensure that at least three of the same game pieces are aligned either in a row or a column.

A special piece is created when four or five of the same game piece is matched in a row or a column. Furthermore, this can be used to destroy multiple game pieces all at once when matched together. Same goes for aligning game pieces to create either a letter ‘T’ or a letter ‘L’. Special pieces which cause big explosions that will destroy multiple pieces and ultimately help clear the board are created.

Unlike other games, it is possible for a gamer to match tiles together mindlessly and still pass a level. But in cookie jam online game a bit of planning is necessary to pass each level. While playing the game, the gamer should be as fast as possible. This is to avoid having the gingerbread man ruin your pastry.


Features & Benefits of Playing Cookie Jam Blast Games

As a Gamers stand the chance to benefit and as well enjoy the game and also ease off some level of stress. It is actually a game to discuss even with friends and spouse because of its quality and features.

  • The game is fun and easy to play.
  • It has a good sound effect.
  • It is more challenging compared to other match-3 games.
  • The constant supply of power-ups, to help clear levels.
  • its interface is easy to navigate through.

How to Download Cookie Jam App on Google Play store

For gamers to download the game first, they need to have a working internet connection on their device.

  • The user should open the Google play store on their device.
  • Then type in Cookie Jam on the search bar on the top of the page and tap the arrow button.
  • The game appears then clicks on download to start the process.
  • After downloading the game the user should then installed the jam cookie game app.

Therefore, after you are done with all the download processes then you can install cookie jam the game and access it on your mobile device. More so, you are now set to start enjoying this game.

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