Best Cloud Storage for Photos – Best 2020 Cloud Storage for Photos, Videos and Documents for Free

Are you into photography? or a media aid, do you love snapping and saving pictures, how then do you feel about cloud storage for your pictures.  Today we will be discussing the topic “Best Cloud Storage for Photos” but before that, why do you need cloud storage for your photos? People believe that documenting beautiful moments in your life or in the life of a client is a beautiful thing to do.

Best Cloud Storage for Photos - Best 2020 Cloud Storage for Photos,Videos and Documents for Free
Best Cloud Storage for Photos – Best 2020 Cloud Storage for Photos, Videos and Documents for Free

Now, to do this, you have to make sure you have a place where these images from your photoshoot are saved. It could be either on your mobile phone, hard drive or even PC. That said pops the question, what happens to all your documents, pictures, and media files when your PC, mobile device or hard drive crashes.

Saving your files from a physical treat is what brought the introduction of cloud storage. In other words, when you backup your files or store them in the cloud, you can access them. Also, as long as you have access to the account where you store the data, you can get the data from any device at any time.

Saving your photos on an external drive, of course, is a good thing but it cannot be compared to saving them on the cloud. This means, storing photos is very useful if you want to keep your files for a long period of time.

List of Some of the Best Cloud Storage for Photos

Are you excited to finally know some of the best cloud storage for photos? Well, it is cool too, I am sure you might be familiar with some of these cloud storage for media I am about to show you.


Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage that can be used for storing photos. I am sure you might have heard of it since it is among the big names of cloud storage platforms. You should know that Dropbox allows you to upload your photos. Furthermore, it supports the work with raw files.


The products and services of photoshelter are more focused on the needs of photographers. Photoshelter has an easy to use interface in addition to its pretty looks. The plugins for lightroom and photo mechanic including the support of raw files should make you consider using this cloud storage.  However, you can use it for your photos when you decide to choose the pro plan.

Google Drive

I am assuming you already know about Google. Well, Google has cloud storage of which you can use for saving files including photos. However,  this cloud storage service enables users to perform file sharing. If you decide to use this cloud storage for your photos, you should know that it is not going to come along with fancy galleries.


SmugMug is a cloud storage platform that is similar to photoshelter. There are a variety of features on the app of which you are definitely going to enjoy. You can be sure to get a service that is enjoyable and yet affordable on the platform. You might be interested to know that the entire plan to this platform comes with unlimited cloud storage.

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