Venmo – Digital Wallet | Venmo Online Payment |PayPal

Venmo is a digital wallet that enables you to make and share payments with friends and others as well. This is an online money transfer service and it is like its parent app the PayPal. You can carry this whole process by using the mobile app on your device, this is very amazing.

Venmo - Digital Wallet | Venmo Online Payment |PayPal

Therefore you don’t need to queue up in any payment outlet or banking hall before you can transfer funds to anyone. This is because from your comfort zone you can access payment process simply from your mobile device.

There is so much you can achieve while using the venmo payment platform. Although, its services is limited only in the United States of America.Also it is only compatible with U.S banks.

Venmo first spring into limelight in 2009 and the parent organization of this payment platform is PayPal and Braintree. Over the years there have being issues about the stress people face about transferring of funds.

However, the app is very easy to use in sending of cash quickly among friends. Furthermore, youcan still use it in making payments on your favorite online stores.

How does Venmo Works – Venmo App

Venmo works perfectly by linking it up with your bank account, a debit or credit card. Also, when you use your account in making transactions it is free of any charges.

Therefore, the service is fund economical. While using is a free your venmo account, you don’t need to deposit funds into it. However, if u receivefunds from a friend or anyone u will have to request for funds withdrawer.

Venmo uses a very secure encryption to keep any of your transactions and app safe. Furthermore, you can use the services with your contact list and also with your business select.

This app is referred to as a peer to peer payment app. Exploration of the app is straightforward. However, you can download the app on Google play store payment service you most add a payment option by linking it up to a bank account, debit or credit card.

  • Download the App for your smartphone device. (please note the app does not support Windows)
  • Choose to create an account either with Facebook or your email address.
  • Create a username, this is what the public on the app will recognize you with.
  • Verify your mobile phone number by inputting the verification code they text to you.
  • After all these, hit the create account caption to set up your account.

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